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Rep. Pat Boyd Hosts Coffee Hours

State Representative Pat Boyd will hold a Coffee Hour in each town of the 50th District to talk about the recent legislative session, legislative initiatives in the upcoming legislative session and any State issues important to residents. Rep. Boyd hopes this will provide informal conversation, much like a family would sit around the kitchen table and talk about important issues.

Please plan to attend if you have any concerns or issues you'd like to speak to him about.

He will be at the Pomfret Bakers' Dozen on Tuesday, January 9th from 6-7 PM. If that doesn't work, catch him at one of his other stops:

On January 13th, he'll be at the Traveler's Restaurant in Union (1-2PM).

On January 16th, he'll be at the Bakers' Dozen in Brooklyn (6-7PM).

On January 21st, he'll be at the Corlander Cafe in Eastford (1-2PM).

On January 28th, he'll be at Sweet Evalina's in Woodstock (1-2PM).

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