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Democrats Meet for Yearly Caucus

Pomfret Democrats gathered for their annual caucus to nominate a slate of members to the local Democratic Town Committee. The Committee unanimously approved the list of names. We want to thank Karen Anderson and Peter Lusa who have served on the Town Committee for all of their help and support over the years. Anderson and Lusa took themselves off the list of Town Committee members due to other commitments. They will be missed.

We are very excited to announce that Dan Kellaway, a Pomfret School and Hamilton College graduate who was elected to the Zoning Board of Appeals in the 2017 Municipal Elections, was added to the Town Committee. Dan's energetic involvement during the campaign in 2017 was crucial to his victory and the victory of so many of our candidates for municipal office. Thank you to Dan for all of his help. We are excited to have him on the Town Committee.

The next meeting of the Town Committee is Tuesday, February 27th at 7pm at Grill 37. We hope you can make it!

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