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Pomfret Democrats Join the March!

Today, concerned citizens across the country gathered in cities to be a part of the second Women's March. Pomfret Democrats were among the hundreds of thousands who marched today.

In Hartford, activists gathered at the Corning statue near the Capitol and marched on the State House. "There was a lot of chanting!" said Tamara Harris, a member of the Pomfret Democratic Town Committee who went to the March. Even though she's not a fan of large crowds, Tamara said she felt she had to go - to celebrate the victories of 2017, like the wave seen in Pomfret, and to feel the energy as we head into the 2018 Midterm Elections. "That's what today was," Tamara said, "a celebration of victories, a celebration of our diversity, and a reminder that we have a lot more work to do on both fronts."

Tamara was not the only Pomfret Democrat who went marching in Hartford. State Representative Pat Boyd was there as was Mary Wishart, a PDTC member and an alternate on the Pomfret Zoning Board of Appeals.

PDTC member Nick Fulchino, who also serves on the Pomfret Zoning Board of Appeals, attended the Women's March in Concord, New Hampshire. The crowd was large and it was a great opportunity to network with many local and regional advocacy groups that are spreading awareness about important issues.

In New York, an estimated 120,000 people joined in the march. There's no exact estimate for how many people marched in Hartford, but we're proud so many Pomfret Democrats were among the reported "thousands."

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