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Boyd, Perrier Talk Issues in Woodstock

It's only March, but both Democratic candidates for the state legislature who are seeking to represent Pomfret are making their presence and ideas known. State Representative Pat Boyd is running for a second term as state representative for Connecticut's 50th House District. In office, Boyd has been a leader on some very important issues, including agriculture growth and opposition to the plan to consolidate Connecticut's community colleges. Joining Boyd on the ballot will be John Perrier of Stafford who is running to be state senator for Connecticut's 35th Senate District.

Both Boyd and Perrier spoke at a fundraiser hosted in Woodstock by Woodstock DTC Chairman Charlie Super and his wife, Sarah Harkness. Thank you to Charlie and Sarah for putting on a great event.

The candidates outlined their plans for victory and spoke about issues currently facing the state of Connecticut. John's campaign has been focused on addressing the crumbling foundations issue that continues to plague Eastern Connecticut. Both Pat and John promised to be advocates for Northeast Connecticut while in Hartford.

Representative Boyd has nearly qualified for the public financing grant. You can help put him over the top by clicking here. John Perrier needs your help, too! We can finally flip the 35th district after two decades of Republican control. Make it happen by donating to Perrier's campaign here. Let's be the change!

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