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2022 Convention Delegates Selected!

The Pomfret Democratic Town Committee (PDTC) recently met to nominate and elect delegates to attend the upcoming Connecticut Democratic Party Conventions in May.

The PDTC selected Tamara Harris, PDTC Vice Chair, Patrick McCarthy, PDTC Secretary and Pomfret Selectman, and Maureen Nicholson, Pomfret First Selectman, to attend the State Party Convention on May 6-7. State Party Convention attendees will vote on the State Democratic Platform and will nominate and select Party-endorsed candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and comptroller, as well as one U.S. Senate seat.

The Democratic Congressional Convention is scheduled on May 9 and the PDTC selected Pat Boyd, state representative for House District 50, Barry Reingold, and Norine Reingold to attend. Connecticut has elections this year in all five U.S. Congressional Districts. Congressman Joseph Courtney (D) currently serves Congressional District 2, which includes Pomfret.

The PDTC selected Tamara Harris, Margie Huoppi, PDTC Treasurer, and Ray Wishart, PDTC Chair, as delegates to the State Senate Convention on May 10. All 36 State Senate seats are open this year. Following the 2021 state redistricting, Pomfret moves from State Senate District 35 to District 29 for the November 2022 election. The current State Senator for District 29 is Mae Flexer (D).

All 151 State House seats are open this year. The PDTC selected Patrick McCarthy, Barry Reingold, and Ray Wishart to attend the State Assembly Convention on May 11. Pomfret remains in State House District 50, the seat held by Pat Boyd (D).

The last Connecticut Democratic Convention will be on May 12 for Probate Judges. The PDTC selected Leigh Grossman, Margie Huoppi, and Tim McNally to attend the Probate Judge Convention. There are currently 54 Probate Districts and six Children’s Probate Districts in Connecticut. The Honorable Leah P. Schad (D) is the current Probate Judge for the Northeast District (PD26), which includes Pomfret.

The Connecticut Primary Election will be held August 9 and the General Election November 8.

The PDTC meets in person (and virtually) on the third Tuesday of the month at 7pm at the Pomfret Community Center, 207 Mashamoquet Road. All registered Democrats are invited, encouraged and welcome to attend.

For more Information, contact Ray Wishart: 860) 928-4999, The PDTC is also online at


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