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Pomfret Democrats March for Lives

On Saturday, March 24, Pomfret Democrats joined thousands in Hartford to honor the lives of 17 students who died at the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida. The rally was one of many around the nation organized by survivors of the shooting. Marchers also protested the inaction of federal legislators who have repeatedly met gun violence with silence. Signs that said "Protect Our Kids, Not Guns," "Enough," and "No More Silence, End Gun Violence," were hoisted in the air by people of all ages from all across the state.

For Tamara Harris, a Pomfret Democratic Town Committee member who went to Hartford, "The most exciting part was that it was organized by kids." In Connecticut, the March was organized and led by the nephew of Sandy Hook school's principal.

There was also a particular emphasis placed on action to end the senseless gun violence seen throughout the country. Volunteers walked through the crowd with clipboards and voter registration forms to help young people and others get registered for the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. State Representative William Tong briefed the crowd on the success of the bipartisan gun violence prevention bill passed in Connecticut as a result of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Tamara said she was "inspired," and the feeling was shared by fellow Town Committee member Nick Fulchino who attended the march in Concord, New Hampshire. "There were 4,000 people there," Nick said, "and it was the third-largest political demonstration in New Hampshire history. There's a real willingness to stand up and end what is being called a new normal. It was truly a march for our lives. This is a moral issue."

The Quiet Corner Shouts were also present at the rally in Hartford, contributing to the massive crowd that gathered at the State Capitol building. Similar marches were held in Stamford and other communities throughout Connecticut.

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